Directions from Cicero, NY to Romano Toyota


 Toyota Dealer Cicero Directions

Directions from Cicero to Romano Toyota

If you live or work in Cicero, it's easy to visit Romano Toyota. You can travel to our dealership on major highways in less than 20 minutes. We're located at 6400 Basile Rowe in East Syracuse, New York. During weekdays and Saturdays, our friendly salespeople can help you find the new or used vehicle that meets all of your needs. They have the automotive expertise to answer a wide range of questions. Romano Toyota offers an assortment of dependable cars, vans, pickup trucks and SUVs. Our showroom conveniently remains open until 8:00 pm on most weekdays. We make it simple to choose a car and negotiate a favorable deal. The dealership also features a modern service center with skillful technicians and top-notch OEM parts. To learn more about the vehicles for sale on our lot, please call (315) 445-1070 today. You can also dial (315) 445-2152 to reach the repair shop or (315) 446-5388 to order parts.

Here are the directions to the dealership.

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